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Professor Oxxygen at Fordham University

Fordham University Class With Oxxygen Marketing Partnership

Oxxygen is delighted to share students’ feedback from our Summer school Brand and Marketing Program at Fordham University!

Did the course meet your expectation? In which way?

“Yes, it did. I learned a great deal I learned a great deal about strategic marketing. Doing the project expanded my mind and helped me to think critically.

Did you find the case study and the meeting with HSDG management interesting?

“Yes! The course was very interesting and I loved how my group and I were able to contribute our ideas and know that they will actually be presented to Harley Street Dental Group”.

How do you think we can improve our course?

“It’s great! Nothing I would add or change. I learned a lot. All of you were very helpful and supportive. I never felt I was being judged. I felt really comfortable sharing my thoughts with you”.