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Follow The Oxxygen Modle To A Better Return On Investment

Success yet again for the Oxxygen’s ‘Supplier Integration Model’ achieving measurable results without the mess!

So how does the model work exactly? The Oxxygen Model focuses on five key areas; supplier-client relations, operational integration, customer communications, 360 degree staff engagement and last but certainly not least, financial results.

It ensures maximum return on investment through operational engagement at every level, customer journey communications, sustainable revenue growth and, within six weeks of implementation, it delivers double digit growth!

But don’t just take our word for it, it’s our clients who implement the supplier integration model and enjoy incremental sales uplifts, the best to date is 68%!


Hot Beverages To Go Steam Ahead

A hot beverage machine offers great margins, but are you making the most of it? Aidan Fortune looks at how to maximise its potential.

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Coffee Time @OxxygenMP

Team Oxxygen

Teamwork is a crucial part of any business. The success of companies depends on empathy, communication and commitment that must exist within our teams. When we work together, the activities flow more quickly and efficiently, at Oxxygen we live this philosophy.

Our mission is guaranteed client delight and this starts with our teamwork. It’s not just teamwork; we work together in a fantastic atmosphere. We’re made up of 4 young professionals who work with energy and enthusiasm.

Max Jenvey truly believes that your people are your most precious asset and if everyone works together happily, your business will look after itself and your customers. That is why he looks after us by supporting our training and development needs.  How do we create this atmosphere, we do stuff together. One of our favourite activities is coffee time!

Every morning we have a coffee together in Lyric Square. We talk about our weekends, plans, project or whatever we want. This helps us to improve our social skills and get to know each other better.