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Oxxygen supports LetsSyncro marketing and communication strategy

LetsSyncro Supported By Oxxygen

Team Oxxygen is delighted to announce that their client LetsSyncro launched their revolutionary online personal selling software on 26th November, 2012 in Tulsa, US.

Oxxygen supports LetsSyncro marketing and communication strategy through identifying opportunities in the market and defining the most effective engagement strategies.

Congratulate LetsSyncro team and we know you will fly!

Personal Selling Technology is L

Launched by LetsSyncro

LetsSyncro modernizes online sales with its launch of new personal selling technology that brings the real-life shopping experience to the web. Offering live interaction on any image with simultaneous text and voice, this easy to use, cloud-based technology enables anyone with a website to engage in personal selling online to improve sales. This new technology goes beyond traditional chat software and co-browsing to offer live help in a way that is not found elsewhere.

LetsSyncro releases brand new personal selling technology that provides an innovative interface solution for ecommerce websites. It enables almost any sales representative and customer to interact online in real-time using audio and visual tools without having to leave the business’ website and without either party downloading


Websites are often relinquished to a position of dispensing information, instead of being an engine for personal contact and sales. LetsSyncro brings an ability to engage in personal selling online and resolves limitations that historically paralyzed online sales in many sectors. The service goes beyond live chat software and cobrowsing.

It is modernizing the previously impersonal world of online sales, allowing anyone to sell online like they would in the real world. With LetsSyncro’s US headquarters in Tulsa, OK, small and large businesses in the Tulsa, OKC, and Dallas/Ft. Worth areas will enjoy additional personal attention from the sales and support team.

“In my own company, I saw a need for an easy to use, employee and customer friendly way for us to interact with our customers online in real-time and be able to do more than just type or talk. Typically, anything that can’t be sold through a vending machine is hard to sell online; some kind of additional information transaction is needed. So, to make it easier to sell via the web, we created a way to offer live support, easily show customers other products, and interact on the same images. LetsSyncro provides the live interaction that is needed to sell products online in a way that other chat software doesn’t, and does it in an easier, more lightweight way than anyone else.” Domingo Obradors, CEO and Founder, LetsSyncro.

Let’s face it, the beauty of the web is that it is virtual, but shoppers hesitate to buy many products online because they cannot get the information or personal attention they need. Now, with LetsSyncro’s new, easy to use technology, receptionists, store clerks, sales representatives or call centers can efficiently engage in personal sales, live help, detailed customizations, up-selling, and customer assistance. LetsSyncro allows retailers to take an active role in initiating important sales opportunities online like they would if someone walked into their physical store or office, meanwhile completely respecting the privacy of the customer. Learn more and try a live demo at their website.

LetsSyncro is an international company that focuses on providing innovative technological e-commerce solutions, specializing in real-time audio and visual communication tools and analytics.

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