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Madeline’s Testimonial

Oxxygen ran another successful Strategic Marketing  class this semester with the awesome American Fordham University students and  its always a pleasure to receive feedback.

“I know I speak for the entire class when I say that your class gave us an incomparable experience to any other Fordham University class we have taken. Thank you for your honesty, your consideration, and helping us along our journey as young marketers. It was truly great to be treated as more than just a student, and I know we have all grown considerably from it (me, I like to think that I now say “um” much less).” – Madeline McDermott, Fordham University Student

The biggest reward is watching the transformation of outstanding academics understanding and operating as true marketing professionals. Whether it is the Fordham University, INSEEC or Syracuse University students, we treat them as colleagues. We support their insight into the real world of business, help them develop themselves and be prepared for when they take the brave step from university life to real life.

Its a privilege and an honour to work with aspiring young professionals.

The  amazing class of 2014 at Fordham University

The amazing class of 2014 at Fordham University