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Be my Digital Valentine

Blog pic 4George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright and a co-founder of the famous London School of Economics, said: “There is no sincerer love than the love of food”! He is totally right! Oxxygen also agrees with him and is proud to celebrate this Valentine’s Day by sharing our love for food. Obviously, everyone loves food and Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without it.

It’s one thing to celebrate Valentine’s Day; it’s another to celebrate it originally and romantically. This year, as an alternative to romantic restaurants, offer your soul mate a fantastic dinning experience in the comfort of your own home. You have plenty options to enjoy this unique and lovely moment. For instance, multiple retailers, such as Waitrose and M&S, suggest exceptional menus from starter to dessert for a deal of £20, including your chocolate gift and a bottle of wine! Plus, another substitute is visiting a restaurant’s website to order a whole menu. Therefore, those proposals allow you to savour your favourite dishes in an intimate setting.

Even though some people still enjoy the old fashion way to have their Valentine’s Day dinner at a restaurant, research shows that people tend to order their food more and more online. Statistically speaking, according to Mintel, 39% of consumers have already ordered a meal on the restaurant’s own website while only 27% have ordered a takeaway via third party site such as Just-Eat, Grub Hub, etc.

If people are even able to order their food online, there is no way to deny that we’re definitely in a modern digitalised world. Therefore, in order to response correctly to their customers’ desires, companies have to go proactively digitalised.

Oxxygen is passionate about providing the best and the most cutting-edge services to help our clients achieve their customers’ satisfaction, revenue, goals and objectives. That’s why; we’re honoured to announce that Oxxygen is now a one-stop-shop agency, offering a comprehensive range of strategic marketing, digital and design services.

Oxxygen and our Purple Team, recognises this established digital trend and we’re proud to put lots of bubbles in our heart-warming projects, with fun and enthusiasm!


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