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At Oxxygen all of our success is thanks to our Purple Team!
And the secret to our success is that we only work with friendly, very dynamic intelligent people who love working together!
For us, working in a team is the only way to create an outstanding corporate culture; supporting each other to get the job done.

And the benefits?

Teamwork produces an increased efficiency with the ability to focus different minds and skills on the same project contributing mutual support.

Listening to different points of view and learning to consolidate the inputs to achieve a shared goal.

Life is a learning process, and building new skills can open new opportunities for you!

Our teamwork is one of the best ways to find solutions to our client’s challenges.

The outcome, better results because the team brings more resources to bear – sharing expertise across the business.

Improve your productivity by maximising the different strengths and skills of your group.

This also develops individual skill sets, encouraging people to achieve their personal and professional potential.

As with any worthwhile relationship ultimately we build trust and once we trust each other then the real fun begins!  Open, honest and real communication operating in a transparent, risk free environment.

And speaking of fun, did we mention how important it is to laugh; our days fly by, not least of all because we are so busy but because we love what we do.

Teamwork is a great stress buster, stress can produce negative consequences on your productivity, not to mention your mental and physical health – so working together is a great way to spread the load.

Follow some simple ground rules, always come together at regular times throughout the week, we call them huddles.

Next, work with an agenda that you circulate after every meeting – clearly showing who is project owner, what are the development requirements / next steps and finally what results are anticipated by the next huddle.


So try injecting a little Purple Team passion into your business!




Love your Customers!

First of all Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is the one day of the year when we are all encouraged to share the love; the only challenge is we’re English!

Our usual focus is on loved ones and people we care about so this year the Purple Team suggest we turn our love and affections towards our customers.

We love our clients, yes; we really do and as you would expect we would like to share some of our marketing tips to help your business make the most of Valentine’s Day turning strangers into friends and our friends into lovers.

Most businesses work so hard at attracting new customers through, digital, social and print media – our world is full of messages, communications and noise.

At Oxxygen we stick to a very simple philosophy, turn strangers into friends and develop our friendships into loving relationships – much the same as we do in our private lives.

Everyone is a stranger until we establish a meaningful contact, ensure that your digital and social media reflects your business’s personality; allowing strangers to engage on a real level.

Ensure every touch-point offers warm and welcome information with clear calls to action, even if it is as easy as, ‘Tell us what you think?’

Once you’ve developed a dialogue then the real magic begins, two way open and honest communication – and your relationship begins!

Remember this is a vital stage requiring nurturing and development, we must build trust while building a rapport, never go for the hard sell; if you’re anything like the Purple Team nothing turns us off more than a pushy salesperson!

Offer help and support, allowing your customers to see you as a solution provider, a friend they can count on time and time again – the lifetime value of a customer is priceless.

By the time we’ve worked together or our products and services demonstrate value above and beyond the customer’s physical needs we extend into another world of customer delight as we slowly approach the advocacy phase of our relationship (yes, we are becoming lovers!)

So now your customers love you, here are a few handy hints to fan the flames of corporate passion:

  • Create special Valentine deals; offer something that will appeal to your customer’s romantic side like special prices on flowers, discount on chocolates, couples deals or a voucher for a romantic dinner for two.
  • Merchandise your best offers on your website, like you would for Christmas. The UK is the world’s largest online shopping market, so you have to make the most of your website by reaching your audience.
  •  Facebook is a great platform because you can target by gender, location, age, interests, relationship status (single, in a relationship, or even if it’s complicated).
  • Tweet your loving Valentine’s Day messages, driving customers to your web-offers, blogs, YouTube videos or landing pages of love.
  • Create a special event and invite your customers, suppliers and friends, who knows; they may become lovers!
  • Send a direct mail to your customers with tips on how to celebrate this lovely day. Be sure to include information about any Valentine’s Day deals you offer.
  •  Decorate your storefront, shop window, or your office window to share the love.
  • Send a thank you card to your customers for their continued business and wish them a happy Valentine’s Day. This is a great way to stay top of mind and show your love!
  •  One final tip, be confident to ask your lovers to introduce you to people they know, chances are we could help them too!

We hope that these tips will be useful.

“Let’s all raise a toast to friendship and peace and make life grand, enjoy my valentine, give wings to dreams of success & endeavours which we hope come true”

The “Purple Team” wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!


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Max goes viral!

At Oxxygen we are passionate about educating young minds.


Holiday survival guide


Christmas is a week away, you have to decorate, relatives are on their way, and you have to cook, clean and finish that last minute present shopping and so much more.  The holidays are a time of great joy but also reflection. You get to relax and look back on the year with all your loved ones around you. However, it can also present stressful situations too.

Families are prone to arguing, breakups are common, and depression runs rampant.From research and observations we like to share with you some coping strategies to help you survive the holiday season. So here are some helpful hints and tips from the Purple Team that may help you enjoy your holidays a bit more.


  • Establish a routine of regularly relaxing and unwinding throughout the day (find your safe place)
  • Find an activity that helps you to take your mind off things, try meditating or writing or even running

-Refocus your energy:

  • Refocus on things that make you happy, drawing, going for a walk or a swim
  • Engage in your creative side painting, singing or playing music
  • Count to 10 – If you’re in a heated situation count to ten to help refocus and calm down
  • Take a walk – If those ten seconds don’t work, a walk outside can help clear the mind


  • Take a step back and revaluate your goals and priorities. What is important in your life and is the current situation getting in the way of these priorities?
  • Sometimes you need to take time to yourself. Don’t be afraid to step out of a situation and find yourself again.
  • Focus on the positive
  • Organise your time, your room, your home, or other things that can be managed. Organizing provides a sense of control
  • Challenge negative self-talk

-Find a support network:

  • Talk to friends and family, that’s what they’re there for, providing they are not the ones stressing you out
  • If you don’t want to talk to someone you know but still need to talk, there are support networks out there like the Samaritans or the Salvation Army
  • Journaling is also a form of self-support. If you need to get something out but don’t want to say anything to anyone, writing is a helpful way of accomplishing this – think Bridget Jones’s Diary!


-Learn to forgive and let go:

  • This is the most important tip we have to offer you
  • Forgiveness is liberating; not just for those being forgiven but forgiveness is really about releasing the forgiver
  • Don’t hold onto the anger or sadness you hold inside you, it can only build
  • Instead write a letter of forgiveness and write down everything you think. You don’t have to give the letter to that person, but the act of writing it down is a means of releasing


We hope that the holiday season is bright, light and merry for you and some of these hint and tips work for you!

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The Perfect Christmas Party

With Christmas just around the corner, there are bound to be plenty of festivities and celebrations scheduled. So here are a few helpful tips from the Purple Team that will ensure you are party perfect.



These tips helped us throw a fun and fantastic Christmas party and we hope they serve you well. Happy holidays!