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Crisps and snacks

Crisps, You Must Be Joking

Did you know crisps were originally invented as a joke? In 1853 George Crum trying to upset an annoying patron created one of the most famous snack, crisps.

Since then the consumption of crisps and snacks has evolved exponentially due to the ever demanding consumer palette supported by manufatureers, media and retailers.

A recent study shows, GMI/MINTEL 2012 that several factors influence consumer choice, 59% purchase purely on impluse and convenience, with 48% looking at price, interestingly “keep me full” represents 31% of the decision process and our ever faithful promotion romps in at 30%. Given the focus on health in the past few years 29% of customers are concerned with fat closely followed by nutritional benefits at 25%.

Who is buying crisps and savoury snacks, it’s the tween and young adult market, which could explain the quick uptake of new flavours, shapes and usage occasions. 16-24 year olds are more likely to snack on the go compared to our more mature consumers whose snaking habits tend to happen at home behind closed doors – either as a guily pleasure or sharing with friends and family!

NEWS FLASH – Consumers adopt different attitudes toward snacking, “try exciting flavours” is important for 50% of the market while 40% look for “smaler packs” and as you would expect we are a nation that loves to share at 39%. (source: GMI/Mintel 2012).

Given our customer’s needs how can we maximise our sales, “focus your marketing efforts on: packaging, design, colours, POS, merchandising and impluse”. Remember you can merchanise crisps and snacks in the chilled deck, right next to your pre-packed sandwiches; a perfect meal deal combination – the easier you make it for the customer the more they will spend.

Finally consider complimentary categories for snacking, whole nuts, dried fruits, nature bars, breakfast porrage, yoghurts, muslies & honey, they all taste great and give you the opportunity to keep your coustomer coming back for more! Great tasts, convenience and food on the move.


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