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Customer Satisfaction is King!

Client Satisfaction Is KingCustomer’s feedback is a key factor in developing your successful & long lasting business strategies.

Failure to take into account your customer’s needs, wants and interests is a recipe for disaster – as a result, you may experience negative impacts that affect your revenue & profit.

The most cost efficient, economical and engaging way to find out what your customers want is to conduct a survey.

Who knows, well your customers do and if you don’t ask you will never know; when was the last time you even asked why they chose to work with you in the first place?

You can easily conduct surveys online via email, paper based, telephone or various web platforms. Choose the best methods of communication to suit your target market, e.g. if you want to touch your entire database then an online survey works best, keep it short and simple and under 10 questions.

At Oxxygen Marketing, client satisfaction surveys are always included within strategic marketing plans. We often utilize Survey Monkey which is an easy, flexible, fast & reliable online tool – we recently conducted an online survey for our client, the Harley Street Dental Group and the results were very impressive with 97% of their audience completely happy with their dental services.

Remember knowledge is power and the power to satisfy your customers is in your hands; we’ve uploaded an example 10 question sample survey that you might find useful – let us know what you think! Have a look at our market research page to download the example survey.


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