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Develop Long-Term Relationships vs One Night Stands!

b2bIs there a downturn in your business? Do you struggle to attract new clients? If so, then it’s time for a turning point and an update in your client acquisition strategy.

For many companies, especially in the B2B sector, new business development is definitely one of the most challenging aspects to ensure growth. This is often due to two things. Firstly, B2B clients are time poor, unless your prospective client is completely dazzled by your service/product after the initial meeting, be ready to go through a medium- to long-term process of regular communication before you turn them from “prospects” to “clients”.

Secondly, agencies tend to be stuck with the old fashion outbound marketing strategy to attract new customers. Wrong! If you consider yourself as a cutting-edge agency, adopt a revolutionary and effective inbound marketing strategy and tempt new businesses to come to you!

From blogging to social media, Oxxygen will share tips that allow you to fuel your B2B growth and become an inbound marketing guru!

  • Cherish your referral sources

Previous clients, current clients, partners, friends, family, all your social connections are a source of referrals. Cultivate all these relationships to make your company top of mind when they come across a business opportunity relating to your service/product. Become social proof by keeping in touch with them, showing interest, inviting your best clients to attend events together, and more. You will realise how powerful your network is for the growth of your business!

  • Promote you website

You need to put yourself in your client’s shoes. What would you do if you are looking for a specific service? Here is the answer: Your first reflex will be to look for it online. Your website is a 24/7 window to your company! It must accurately represent your business and your values. Often your website is the first port of call, so you have to make every effort to ensure that your website represents your business values, reflect your corporate personality online, and positions you as an industry expert.

  • Start, publish and monitor a blog

Share your knowledge! Not all of it though, through your blog you can give tasters of valuable and helpful information. A blog has two major functions. Firstly, it provides valuables tips and advice to your website and blog visitors/readers. The thought leadership blogs show your expertise and professionalism in the industry to every prospect. Secondly, by putting strategic words in your blog post, you will encourage search engines to drive the right people to your website. More website traffic means, more awareness and eventually more prospects and more business!

  • Get active on social media

Of course, your ideal clients are businesses but remember that individuals are the real decision makers and all of them are active on at least one or more social media platforms. Social media is now one of the most efficient way for networking. It allows you to share content, spread ideas, and manage your image with the ultimate goal of creating a community around your brand. The more you get people positively talking about your company, the more people are convinced your company is the right choice, thus higher the chances of gaining new prospect and clients. Remember, the equation is: Grow your business by increasing your visibility!

  • Have a long-term perspective

Inbound marketing strategy is a time consuming method; it takes time and sometimes it might not deliver the expected results. When you start, do not expect it to be an overnight success that brings you in leads within weeks. Sometimes it takes months even years before a client signs the dotted line on your contract.  Remember this about developing meaningful long-term relationships that isn’t a one night stand!


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