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End-To-End Exhibition – Part 2 – At The Exhibition

Busy-Exhibition-Hall-ExcelPart 2 of our End-to-End Exhibition series of blogs takes us to a very exciting stage, the Exhibition itself! All theplanning and organising from “Part 1 – Pre Exhibition” has finally lead to the big day(s). What now?

Despite the stress and excitement, you need to stay focused and keep your eyes on any last-minute details. We will describe the different points you need to pay attention to, to ensure you have a successful exhibition. Now before we get to all that, one tip we can give you right away is to enjoy yourself. Exhibitions can be stressful, but if you go in with positive vibes they can be a lot of fun!

2. During the Exhibition

  • Stand organisation

Before the doors open for the visitors, make sure your stand display and layout are correctly placed. There is nothing more unprofessional than a panel that falls of during your discussion with a visitor. To ensure everything in your stand is properly in place, bring along a check list of design and build items to tick every little detail off. You also need a full contact list of contractors and suppliers just in case!

Normally exhibition shows allow you access at your stand one or two days before opening for build and dressing.  Also, we hope that this goes without saying, don’t forget to sweep, clean and polish your stand before the show starts!

  • Staff training

Your stand employees are a reflection of your brand and your professionalism. Make sure you organise a briefing session before the doors open to ensure each and every person knows what they need to do and achieve for the event. Having unprofessional and unengaging people operating your stand is a big no no! Just imagine walking into a show and having the stand operatives sitting down and just chatting with each other, not welcoming visitors over to their stand.

Your briefing session ensures a consistent precise message you want your visitors to get. The message is not only about “what they have to say” but also “how they should say it”. Body language and delivery is very important.

During this briefing session you will also reconfirm who will be responsible to welcome visitors, hand out flyers at the main entrance, walking around the exhibition to attract and inform visitors about your stand’s location and most importantly, who will be in charge of dealing and interacting with the visitors.

Of course, your team is dressed professionally and are briefed to smile and greet all visitors with a warm welcoming. A motivated and a well-informed team can really set you apart from your competitors!

  • Attract people

As you only have few seconds to attract visitors to your stand, make sure every action you take gives them reasons to come to you.

Develop a way of making eye contact with visitors; it will demonstrate your engagement and professionalism. Once you engage them in conversation, make sure you ask open questions which allow your potential client to give you more elaborate answers and enable you to better qualify them. Show them your interest by making them the centre of the conversation. From this initial discussion, you are able to establish what they are looking for at this exhibition, their level of interest and if they could be a potential prospect.

Be sure you always have your contact details (business card, flyers, prospectus, etc.) close to you ready to hand out to increase your visibility.

If you get time, walk around the exhibition; you never know who you might meet and what synergies are possible with other exhibitors and visitors!


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