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Welcome to Oxxygen’s blog and Twitter! We are so excited to launch our first official blog for Oxxygen Marketing and announce the release of our refreshed website – you can also connect with us on Twitter @OxxygenMP

This interim website reflects more of who we are, what we do and how we do it.  We’d like to thank Jon Henwood at 73dpi for all of his hard work and effort to get us this far!  Do let us know what you think at and as some of you may have noticed we’ve secured the pure Oxxygen domain name, again thanks to Mr Henwood.

We are also extremely excited about working with Owen Williams and his team at 6redsquares design agency that are looking at Oxxygen’s entire branding and marketing collateral.

Today we are going to talk about the role of Social Media in marketing.

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Social media now occupies an ever increasing important role in marketing and the main reasons are:

  1. It is a low cost tool (but NOT free)
    Although social media allow you to register and used the site for free, they are not a free tool as it takes time and creativity to succeed in social networks. And as you know, time in business means money! However compare to traditional advertising in print, it’s cheap!
  2. Close to the market
    We can use social media to provide an identity to who we are, to establish closer relationships with the clients and establish contact new customers.
  3. Feedback
    We can communicate and provide the interaction that consumers look for identifying new opportunities.

As you can see social media carries with it a lot of value, but how do you get it right?

  1. Get to know the Community:
    Identify your users, for example you can identify on internet big groups that are interested in your topic and you can become part of the conversation.
  2. Strong Branding:
    Potential customers and clients will clearly identify you and are compelled to engage with your company.
  3. Stay focused:
    Always have a clear message, call to action and response mechanism; this is all about developing a relationship with a virtual community.
  4. Passion about your work:
    Enthusiasm breeds excitement and interest, you do a great job so share your success with the world – don’t brag, just be honest and humble
  5. Update your profiles:
    Stay ‘top of mind’ and relevant, Blog at least once a week and Tweet daily
  6. Be respectful:
    People appreciate politeness and this reflects well on your business
  7. Be transparent:
    Open and honest communication, allow your brand and personality to shine through

Remember this is a journey not a destination so we invite you to join us for the ride; our commitment to you is that we will post relevant and helpful copy, sometimes edgy but most of all fun!

We’d love you to follow us on Twitter- @OxxygenMP and Facebook- Oxxygen Marketing.


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