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facebook_like_logo_1One of the biggest representations of our digital world is the increased usage of social media. This digitalisation encourages companies and agencies to use social media as a proper marketing tool. However, just setting up an account/profile and posting random comments doesn’t magically maximize your business. You must use these social media tools strategically and intelligently as they are powerful tools.

As part of Oxxygen’s social media blog series, we will now focus on how you can make the most of your Facebook page. From having conversations with your customers to sharing your company’s news, your Facebook page is an incredible tool for generating more awareness and business!

  • Promote your Facebook page

Having a Facebook page is nice, but if nobody sees it or knows about it, there is no point. To get people take notice of your page you need to adopt a promotional strategy. There is no need to spend money here, there are some very simple steps you can take to increase awareness for your Facebook page.  Put a Facebook icon on your website, use all the other social media you have to promote your Facebook posts (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), put your Facebook link in your email signature or even send out a newsletter to your customer database. There are plenty of ways to get people involved in your Facebook page, be creative!

  • ONLY post socially interactive content that encourages people to engage, like and share!

Remember that Facebook is a SOCIAL medium, which means that the main goal is to create connection and increase interaction with your audience. For that to happen, publish posts with relevant content that encourages people to communicate with your brand. For example, if you want to present a new product/service, ask people about their opinion, create a poll and show that you care for their value and input. If you receive a negative comment, don’t react negatively but thank them for their feedback, ask them “what happened?”, and come up with a solution.

By acknowledging your audience and their comments, your followers will feel close to your company/brand and even share your posts, effectively increasing your brand reach. Plus, remember that each time a fan comments or likes on your page, this action will appear on their friends’ news feed. This is then an excellent way to gain awareness among a crowd that might not be familiar yet with you.

  • Be Active

Consistency is the key to success. There is no sense to have a Facebook page if you do not regularly post content. It is not good practice and it can even be perceived as an unprofessional or lacklustre attitude.  On the other hand, you do not want people to feel harassed by your ten posts a day (Remember this is not Twitter!).  You need a balanced presence on Facebook, this could be perhaps one post a day, or two to three a week. Analyse when your page has the most impact (in terms of views and comments) and publish posts at these times, morning commute, lunch hour, or straight after work as these are the most popular times for people to catch social media updates. With the schedule tool on Facebook it is very easy to plan your posts ahead of time and takes away the stress having to plan something daily!

  • Be Visual

Beautiful eye-catching layouts encourage people to stay and interact on your page and reinforces your brand image.  Ensure posts are visual stimulating as this is more likely to get you noticed in busy newsfeeds. Post with pictures are more likely to be clicked and read then a post without a picture.

  • Reward your loyal followers

Make followers feel special, and they will be faithful to your brand. A faithful follower will share your posts, talk about your products/service and even protect your brand from negative comments, so basically brand champions on Facebook. For this to happen, offer incentives, competitions or even sharing their content on your page. For example, give out vouchers or discounts, deliver them a sample of your newest product and invite them to a particular event that your company organises. This special attention creates long-term impact and favourably increases your “online” word-of-mouth marketing.


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