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Hot Pies & Savouries

Hot Pies & Savouries

The UK food to go pastry market is worth £1bn and demonstrates constant growth of 2% per year.


31% of consumers are looking for a filling lunchtime alternative to the humble sandwich. As the recession continues to bite 48% of consumers switch to lower priced, flavoursome lunchtime meals and snacks (Mintel 2012).

This gives us an ideal opportunity to capitalise on this growing trend, liven up your lunchtime offers with value for money tasty pies and pastries. Focus on customer satisfaction, give them a fulfilling boost and combine the traditional with the contemporary.

Convenience is key as 59% of your customers want to grab and go at lunchtime – food on the move with sympathetic packaging to save suits and dresses. 10% of customers are looking for the ethnic twist so delight them with exotic fillings and flavours. So make sure you have something for everyone! Top up on your handheld pastry range, tempt them in with delicious fusions of Caribbean Jerk Chicken, TexMex it up with a Burrito style pasty – chicken, beef or just plain rice & beans to cater for our vegi customers. Shake things up with a little Thai spice and always remember the nation’s favourite, Chicken Curry!

Stick to those traditional flavours because they sell! According to Mintel two fifths of consumers stick to the traditional sausage rolls, Cornish pasties and steak slices and not forgetting the cheese & bacon slice, yum, yum!

Remember that 29% of your consumers are looking for a lower calorie snacks for lunch; this presents us with a real challenge of driving fat and salt out of our selection, the good news is by increasing the amount of fresh fruits or vegetables we can overcome some traditional healthy concerns. Speaking of your five a day bear in mind local, ethical and sustainable as 34% of consumers (HIM CTP 2013) really do care about your ingredients, where they come from and how far they’ve travelled.

Provenance, locally sourced and seasonal win prizes every time and allow you to charge a premium which is always good for profit.

So remember Simple Simon is looking for a little bit more these days, strengthen your ties with pastries and pies!


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