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Humanizing your brand

10-ways-to-humanize-your-brand-on-social-media-234e08c60bWhat do business owners and customers have in common? The answer is: they are all human. Nowadays one of the challenges a business has is to demonstrate their human voice through their brand. Humanizing your brand is no longer an option, it is vital for your business growth.  No matter what industry you are in, it is in every business’s interest to find ways to better relate and engage with their customers.

Here are Oxxygen’s helpful tips on how you can humanize your brand, gain consumers ‘trust and build long-term relationships!

  • The heart of every company – The Team

At Oxxygen we affectionately call our team the “Purple Team” where we all live and breathe the same values of working hard, being professional and results driven, but still having a laugh, having fun and a cheeky drink or two on Fridays!
If you want consumers to trust and believe in your brand, start from the inside: create a welcoming, nurturing company culture. Every move of your team members has an impact on your company’s image. Which is why it is important to make your team members feel good working for your company. Create a positive company atmosphere that allows your team to be your true brand ambassadors. Let the world knows how great it is to work at your company. Consumers and prospects pick up on positive vibes, they are more likely to work with you if they feel the love and trust.

  • Adopt a personal, friendly and engaging tone

Of course it is essential to put yourself out there as an industry expert, your professionalism is what leads to credibility. However, contrary to what a lot of business owners might think, you can still have a professional attitude with a fun and human touch. No one wants to deals with business jargon, sales talk and other overtly corporate behaviours. You need to perfectly understand your audience and adapt to their way of thinking and even speaking. Remember, the closer you look like the consumers, the more “human” you will appear to them.

  • Encourage interaction through all your online platforms

Publishing content without encouraging interactions is not effective and as a result your brand’s online community may shrink. Get to know your target market, establish contact with them, post content that interests them and above all else write in the same tone of voice as if they were speaking with a member of the team, boost interaction! By giving information visitors ask for, sharing ideas, interacting and showing them that their opinions count, you bring your brand alive and humanize it.

  • Apologize and Say “Thank You” When Necessary 

We all make mistakes. Companies are run by people, so it is inevitable that at one point your company might make a mistake as well. Ensure you learn from them and grow to be better.  Always hold your hands up and say, it was me! Consumers are very smart. Be honest about your mistakes and always have a solution. People appreciate honesty and are more understanding. A fault confessed is half redressed! Most importantly, thank your customers for their understanding – this approach really generates trust. Remember to thank your loyal customers. Post a Facebook status when you reach 1000 fans, send an email during peak periods (Christmas, Easter, etc.) Tweet about their brand, product or service; share their good news and success stories.  It’s all about building long lasting relationships and real emotional connections.


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