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Jan-Pro UK Mentoring Session – Taking Decisive Action

Following months of disappointing franchisee performance due to franchisees not following brand standards, decisive and drastic action was required. 

“I wanted to thank Max from Oxxygen for his influence in our UK strategy meeting a few weeks ago; Max had a 10 minute presentation at W1 BN1 meeting and used it as a way to show exactly how he could help each of us and other businesses practically.

I was given a no-nonsense but completely apt answer to an issue we faced with our franchisees that we support greatly but we must keep people to their responsibilities. Upon raising this point our UK head team agreed and we have taken steps from Oxxygen’s advice. If they can help our company in less than 10 minutes I would suggest giving them your time to see how much they can change yours.



Deaglan Fury

Operations Manager

Jan-Pro UK”