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Sauces & Relishes

Sauces & Relishes

There are more than 300 sauces and relishes to accompany and sublime our dishes. You’ll be amazed at the number of different textures and varieties that drive customer’s taste buds crazy as food accompaniments, particularly with sausages, steaks, chips, hamburgers etc…

This saucy sector rose by 3.6% to £636m in 2011, and according to Key Note Sauce 2012 market report, the industry will continue to grow over the next five years.

Demand is driven, as you would expect by seasonality and the weather, indeed when the sun shines we always experience a boost for salad dressings, BBQ relishes and dare we forget the most popular of all, ketchup and mayonnaise.

“Consumers are looking for authenticity, taste and indulgence making their choices based on depth of flavour, recipe and consistency” says Mrs Moraton, chief executive for Amora, Unilever.

Well established brands such as HP and Heinz have seen their volumes sales decline due to the economic crisis; moreover stores are producing high quality own label alternatives at significantly lower prices forcing leading brands to compete on price and value offers.

This is a truly dynamic sector with innovation at its heart, vertical product extensions are rife with leading manufacturers adding balsamic vinegar, garlic or exotic fruits and herbs delivered in easy-squeezed and convenient formats.

The most significant trend to hit this market is the locally produced or ‘farm shop & deli’ ranges, not only do these products give independent retailers a competitive edge over the multiples but they single handily offer consumers what they are looking for, provenance, authenticity, low carbon footprints and delicious seasonal options – spread that on your cheese & crackers!


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