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Are you growing your business profitability?

How well do you know your customers, who they are and what they want from you?

What do you want to achieve?

What do you want to achieve? What needs to change in order to improve your business?

When was the last time you asked your customers what makes them choose you?





Oxxygen helps you grow your business profitably by using our five step Balance Score Card Technique


Customer Satisfaction

The marketing analysis of how customers think, feel and react to your brand

  • Customer Satisfaction Objectives relating to:
    • Reaching your customers with the most cost-effective marketing solutions
    • New customer acquisition
    • Customer retention
  • Measurements:
    • Customer retention rate
    • New customer Acquisitions
    • Repeat purchases
    • Number of complaints

Operational Excellence

Identifying business processes to maximise efficiency, opportunity and staff productiveness

  • Operational Excellence Objectives relating to:
    • Reviewing performance against your budget and marketing plan
    • Efficiency improvements
    • Improvements in technology
  • Measurements:
    • Production rate (per person, per labour time, per machine hour)
    • Average production costs per unit
    • Percentage of no damage shipments to all shipments

Financial Performance 

The financial objectives of an organization and allows managers to track financial success and shareholder value

  • Financial Performance Objectives relating to:
    • Profit growth
    • Growth in sales revenue
    • Cost reduction
  • Measurements:
    • Cash flow
    • Profitability
    • Profit per product/customer/project

Preferred Employer

Employee training and corporate cultural attitudes related to both individual and corporate self-improvement

  • Preferred Employer Objectives relating to:
    • Increase employee satisfaction
    • Improve employee performance
    • Employee turnover
  • Measurements:
    • Employee performance plan
    • Percentage of employee understanding of organizational goals, strategies & culture
    • Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews

Market Leadership

What you do differently, good/better/best over the competition as this is a relative exercise

  • Market Leadership Objectives relating to:
    • Focus on your core skills and what is special about your product/service
    • Review your position in the market relative to the competition
    • Innovation is the key to success
  • Measurements:
    • New product development
    • Anticipating customer’s future needs
    • Competitive analysis