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The soup market reached £621 million value in 2012, registering 23% growth between 2007 & 2012.


As a winter snack soup rules and many brands exploit this seasonal trend to full advantage. Soup sales declined during the mild winter of 2011 however sales bounced back in the bitter winter of 2012, (Mintel 2012). However the recent upsurge points to a new trend, the health conscious consumer who is looking for a tasty, fulfilling healthy meal or snack on the go. 54% of consumers want to see more soups on offer as part of their healthier lifestyle.

Mintel reports that 82% of ‘soupies’ are looking for an all year round meal. This presents a welcome challenge to our bakeries, cafes and high street retailers alike as this simple food compliments combo deals so well. Soup & a roll, soup & a sandwich, soup and a pastry; this list is endless and not to mention very profitable. So how do we make it more of an appealing lunchtime option, simple; customers are looking for a daily variety, look to the East for inspiration. Thai, Indian and Moroccan flavours spring to mind, leek & potato is a traditional favourite, but why not spice things up by adding a little chili or paprika? Did we mention the cold soups, such as Gazpacho; a refreshingly light summer flavour full of tomato goodness and a clever twist that your customers will not expect.

Why not pick up on the increasing seasonal theme, using fresh vegetables, blended into a mouth-watering healthy alternative to sandwiches.

With 63% of your consumers deeming soup a convenient lunchtime meal the real question is how you work it into your range. Equipment suppliers have handy, back & front counter soup kettles that keep your delicious option at the optimal temperature while providing an attractive feature and theatre for your operation.

So soup –up your offer today!


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