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Holiday survival guide


Christmas is a week away, you have to decorate, relatives are on their way, and you have to cook, clean and finish that last minute present shopping and so much more.  The holidays are a time of great joy but also reflection. You get to relax and look back on the year with all your loved ones around you. However, it can also present stressful situations too.

Families are prone to arguing, breakups are common, and depression runs rampant.From research and observations we like to share with you some coping strategies to help you survive the holiday season. So here are some helpful hints and tips from the Purple Team that may help you enjoy your holidays a bit more.


  • Establish a routine of regularly relaxing and unwinding throughout the day (find your safe place)
  • Find an activity that helps you to take your mind off things, try meditating or writing or even running

-Refocus your energy:

  • Refocus on things that make you happy, drawing, going for a walk or a swim
  • Engage in your creative side painting, singing or playing music
  • Count to 10 – If you’re in a heated situation count to ten to help refocus and calm down
  • Take a walk – If those ten seconds don’t work, a walk outside can help clear the mind


  • Take a step back and revaluate your goals and priorities. What is important in your life and is the current situation getting in the way of these priorities?
  • Sometimes you need to take time to yourself. Don’t be afraid to step out of a situation and find yourself again.
  • Focus on the positive
  • Organise your time, your room, your home, or other things that can be managed. Organizing provides a sense of control
  • Challenge negative self-talk

-Find a support network:

  • Talk to friends and family, that’s what they’re there for, providing they are not the ones stressing you out
  • If you don’t want to talk to someone you know but still need to talk, there are support networks out there like the Samaritans or the Salvation Army
  • Journaling is also a form of self-support. If you need to get something out but don’t want to say anything to anyone, writing is a helpful way of accomplishing this – think Bridget Jones’s Diary!


-Learn to forgive and let go:

  • This is the most important tip we have to offer you
  • Forgiveness is liberating; not just for those being forgiven but forgiveness is really about releasing the forgiver
  • Don’t hold onto the anger or sadness you hold inside you, it can only build
  • Instead write a letter of forgiveness and write down everything you think. You don’t have to give the letter to that person, but the act of writing it down is a means of releasing


We hope that the holiday season is bright, light and merry for you and some of these hint and tips work for you!

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