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Websites – Get It Right From The Start

Websites – Get It Right From The Start

Nowadays, websites are your shop window for the entire world to see!

Throughout this post we will attempt to help you identify the basic principals in the creation of a website. The main objectives are to engage and retain your visitor audience, helping them intuitively navigate through the site and ultimately take the appropriate action.

Your site must reflect who you are and what you do, to this end there is no right or wrong answer – providing you meet your online objectives, job done!

So depending on what you want to do online will determine what type of site you need, an e-commerce platform for online sales, a scalable version reflecting the move to tablet and mobile device usage, a community site to engage and inform, a blog or simple landing page – any development requires time, money and attention to detail.

Start by defining your business proposition and target markets, carefully construct your word copy ensuring it aligns with your brand personality.  Remember just because it’s online it should still represent your company in a real and personal way, just as if a representative of your organisation were face to face with a visitor.

Now you are ready to agree content, number of pages, services, functionality images, rich content, dynamic content and any other material important to your business.

Register your domain name; choose a hosting company and a content management system. Now we need to establish the outline website architecture by grouping themes, sections and sub sections… Define the website structure and graphic standards – remember we want to make all visitors feel comfortable.  Clear and straightforward copy, images and coherently align with your vision mission and values which is also crucial when getting your strategic messages and personality across.

Copy writing is key; content, style; the words you choose define your online corporate personality and company values; to help you with word selection always carry out a key word search to understand what people are searching for online and most importantly about your business and services. Align your static and dynamic content ensuring they complement each other, once we’ve achieved all of the above then comes the testing stage. Before go-live we must test everything to destruction, the last thing you need is to launch a site and have it fall over within the first hour, anticipate scenarios like visitor volumes, logistics and orders, online payment methods; auto responders etc…  Functionality and coding are your best friends and your worst nightmares if they go wrong!

Just before launch, double check everything and remember to run plagiarism software to ensure Google algorithms don’t kill your site!

Now you are ready for launch?

Hold your horses!  Remember it’s all about visitors and volume, engagement and action leading to a successful conversion.

Agree your launch strategy by segmenting your target markets, start a pre-launch campaign, countdown and generate interest even before you launch.

Post launch we can measure traffic to your site and understand what visitors are doing, where they enter, move on to and where they leave; highlighting particular pages thanks to Google Analytic or other tracking software. From those results you will have to update the website to improve weaknesses and develop strength without forgotten your objectives.

This basic process can take up to 6 months considering content, technicality, functionality and testing – it all impacts on delivery time.

Good Luck!


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