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Word of mouth is no longer on the street, but on the digital highway! #Hashtags


Social media is an integral part of any marketer’s toolkit that is worth their salt. Managing an integrated social media campaign as part of your business strategy is essential, rather than just an afterthought! People often tend to underestimate the power of social media tools and the benefits they deliver for a company’s image and the powerful community it creates around their brand. Word of mouth is no longer on the street, but on the digital highway!

Now the question is, how to best use each channel and get the most out of them. At Oxxygen we realise that social media may seem a bit tricky and daunting for some businesses, but it isn’t! You just need to cleverly invest your time and be consistent! We’re here to help and will write several blogs on how to use social media.

  • Topical Hashtags

For quick wins try joining current and popular hashtag conversations related to your brand and message. This puts you in the forefront of an already engaged audience and heightens the exposure of your message. Someone else did all the hard work.

  • Make sure your hashtag is new

A hashtag does not always have to name your brand or company name; however it does have to represent your brand and values. It needs to be a catchy word or phrase that embodies your company. By using hashtags you create communities around keywords/phrases and build a network that is talking about and spreading the word for your business. Now do make sure that your chosen hashtag is original and not already in use, you can use the Twitter search function to cross check. Making sure that you have an original hashtag for your company and brand increases the chances of interacting with the right target market and avoid confusion with any other businesses, especially competitors.

  • Choose a precise hashtag for a specific community/target/audience

Once you decide on new hashtags, make sure you choose a community that shares the same interest as you about a specific theme, for example Oxxygen’s theme is strategic marketing. The more specific you are with your keyword, the more targeted your audience is. When your audience feel that you share a particular interest in the same topic as them, then the engagement around your business starts taking off. This is where the Twitterful magic starts! You create a dedicated community around your brand who effectively become online brand champions for you.

  • Promote/communicate every hashtag into your others social media channels

The main purpose of using hashtags on Twitter is to engage people with your topic and generate conversation through your hashtags. For this to happen, you must be consistent with the use of these hashtags. Make sure you use the same hashtag for the same topic in every one of your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). This allows people to make the connection between each of your platforms and also maintain the consistency of your message.

  • KISS – Keep It Short Silly

Remember you only have 140 characters for each tweet (including hashtags), so make sure you keep it short and easy to recognise.  Plus, it will allow your audience to retweet your tweets and add their own little comments to it.


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